Brewing coffee at home: 7 products under £50 to help you nail it

You don't need to spend a fortune on a fancy machine to make great coffee at home. From coffee grinders to milk frothers, here are 7 products under £50 that will help you make a great cup every time.



Hario Skerton coffee grinder, £39.94

The Japanese have a habit of making extremely well made products, and this grinder is no different. It uses an adjustable ceramic burr (the blade of the grinder) which will stay sharper for longer and give you a more consistent grind size. It does require some elbow grease, but sometimes it’s nice to work for your coffee! As it doesn’t require electricity, it also makes it portable and dependable.




Krups Expert Burr grinder, £39

If you think Manual Labour plays for Real Madrid, then you’ll want to opt for an electric grinder. This grinder from Krups is able to grind enough coffee for around 12 cups, in around 30 seconds. It uses a ceramic burr that is fully adjustable, meaning you can alter the grind size to suit your brewing method, or someone else’s. 




AeroPress, £26.99

Remember the Aerobie frisbie? Good wasn’t it. Well its inventor, Alan Adler, decided to try his hand at making a coffee maker. Makes sense. Launching in 2005 it was an instant hit, and for good reason. Arguably its biggest selling point is that it's small, light and made from plastic, which makes it the ideal travel companion. It looks fairly basic, but believe us, it makes great coffee.



Bodum pour over, £29.59

Bodum, a family owned business based in Denmark, has been making superb coffee related products since 1944. Simple, fast and cheap, the pour over coffee maker is one of its best. It uses a stainless steel mesh cone, meaning you don't need to mess around with wasteful paper filters. The carafe is made from borosilicate glass Which is non porous, ensuring your coffee will taste as it should.





Moka pot, £24.58

This Italian style icon is as close as you will get to true espresso coffee without buying an expensive machine. Using a gas stove, it works by boiling water in the lower chamber. When the water turns to steam, it's forced upwards through the ground coffee. It’s not the most efficient way to make coffee, but if you like your coffee strong then nothing at this price point can beat it.




Dualit Milk Frothing Jug, £34.22

This milk frother can heat and froth your milk at the same time, getting on with it quickly and quietly. It’s better suited to cappuccinos than silky flat whites, but it’s always consistent. Milk frothers can be a pain to clean, but this one has a non-stick lining and uses a magnetic frother at the bottom making it a breeze to use and clean as milk can’t get trapped anywhere.





Simpletaste Milk Frother, £17.49

If you do want silky milk for your flat white, this is the frother you need. Slide the switch to ‘on’ to start the whisk and away you go. You have full control over it, and it wont heat your milk, but it is simple, portable and well built. Two AA batteries are included to get you started straight away!



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