99.9% need not apply

When we set out to design our coffee cup we had four requirements. 
1. It had to be safe to use. 
2. It had to be durable and long lasting.
3. It had to look and feel good.
4. The contents of the cup had to taste great.
And so the process began. Soon, sample deliveries started to arrive. Different materials, shapes sizes, designs. Each cup was tested. Into the freezer overnight, taken out, then boiling hot water poured in straight away. They were dropped on the floor. They were washed at high temperature in the dishwasher. They each spent 2 minutes in the microwave, and then the all important taste test. We tried our favourite tea and our favourite coffee. This was the Royal Marines selection course, but for coffee cups, minus the small man screaming at them. At the end of this process, we had our winner. A 12 ounce borosilicate glass cup, with medical grade silicone sleeve and lid.
What is borosilicate glass and why is it so great? This type of glass is made up of 15% boron trioxide, the magic ingredient that completely changes the behaviour of the glass by making it thermal shock resistant. This allows the glass to withstand extreme changes in temperature. As well as this, its also non porous and is so resistant to chemicals that the material is actually used for storing nuclear waste! For this reason, your coffee will taste great, time after time, unlike using cups made from bamboo, plastic, stainless steel or regular glass. In terms of overall performance, borosilicate glass beats them all.
And there you have it. Not all coffee cups are created equal.

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